Are you really overweight? Is your weight mostly heavy muscle and water? Vascular Diagnostic wants to give you a complimentary test that takes only a few minutes of your time. The technology is called "bio-impedance" which requires an electrode on your hand and foot. The instant results will give you accurate information on your weight breakdown by water, lean and fat. The high percentage of fat is the risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases. You only need to refrain from exercise and food for five hours.

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Or call (718) 886-0600 for this important evaluation that can aid you on your way to health while working at your very highly stressful job.

For over 30 years, Vascular Diagnostic has provided comprehensive, world class cardiovascular diagnostic testing for members of the PBA that have cardiovascular complaints. Life as a Policeman is no walk in the park- it's a stressful occupation, and it is critical to know your risk level. The only way to truly know that is to be evaluated using the leading industry standard technologies being used at Vascular Diagnostic. Because our protocols are geared solely for fighting America's #1 killer- Heart Disease- you can be sure that there is no more comprehensive way to determine your risk... and to seek treatment when necessary.

But we are about more than just the leading edge of technology- Over three decades of working closely with the Police Department to save lives and give peace of mind, we've learned a lot about what makes a Cop tick. We speak your language, and can promise you elite performance within a relaxed environment. To us, Cops are like family, and we will treat you that way.

Below is a short video (please excuse the up-front ads, which only last a few seconds) describing the technology we use at Vascular Diagnostic to give you a state-of-the-art picure of your body weight composition.

As a part of our complete medically indicated cardiovascular evaluation:

As part of our strict confidentiality Only You and your Private Doctor(s) will be given results. We're also a smart choice financially- our testing is covered by your insurance plan, most often with a co-pay of only $15. Plus, Cops get special parking passes to park right in the building, to make your trip to our facility (the longest-running of its kind in the northeastern United States) a relaxing one.

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